APC Talha

APC Talha has been designed and manufactured by APC Factory Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). There is a flexibility in the design that the Engine compartment can accommodate power pack with 275 HP Detroit Diesel 6V53T turbocharged engine or 330 HP UTD-20, a Ukrainian engine. TALHA is an all terrain, amphibious infantry support vehicle with 12.7 mm machine gun as its main armament. Adequate crew compartment space provides excellent crew comfort. Survivability is enhanced through use of external fuel tanks. Various forms of bolt-on armour can be added to increase armour protection of the vehicle. 

Length 218.5 inches
Width 100 inches
Height 99.25 inches
Combat Weight 12.5 Ton
Weight, curb 10.6 Ton
Personnel Capacity 13
Fuel Tank Capacity 390 lit
Amphibious Condition Yes, free board - 18 inches
Cruising Range 320 miles
Nominal Ground Pressure 7.79 psi
Number of Shoes 67 left side, 68 right side
Powerpack (Two Options)
Option 1 - Detroit Diesel 6V53T
Type Two Stroke Cycle
Fuel Diesel
Rated Power 275 HP
Power to Weight Ratio 22 HP/Ton
Make & Model Allison TX 100-1A
Type Automatic, 3 Speed
Steering Differential or Pivot Brake
Pivot Brake Type Disc
Option 1 - UTD-20
Type Four Stroke Cycle
Fuel Diesel
Rated Power 330 HP
Power to Weight Ratio 25 HP/Ton
Make & Model Hydro Mechanical
Type Mechanical, 6 F, 1 R
Steering Planetary
Pivot Brake Type Disc
Firing Ports Available
Periscope for Crew Available


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