SAKB - Command Post Carrier

This variant belongs to a battle proven and reliable APC M113 family of vehicles and has been completely designed and manufactured by APC Factory at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). Basic suspension and power pack is same as was in APC M113. The variation is basically in size and shape that does not compromise its mobility, hence making it an effective Command Post that can be used in any operation of war. With increased height of 25 inches and a completely new design, it can still negotiate 60% gradient with the same comparative ease and also retain its amphibious capability. 

Height 98.25 inch
Length 208 inch
Width 100 inch
Weight, Combat Loaded 12.4 ton approx
Weight, Curb 11.8 ton approx
Personnel Capacity (includes driver) 7
Fuel Tank Capacity 410 liters
Armour 5083 Aluminium
Speed (level land) 60 km/h
Speed (in water) 5 km/h
Cruising Range 530 km/h
Turning Radius Pivot to infinite
Slope 60%
Side Slope 30%
Vertical Wall 24 inches (61 cm)
Trench 66 inches (168 cm)
Fording Amphibious
Special  Features
  • Customized racks for C4-I
  • Sliding/fixed type map boards
  • Adjustable table cum bed for staff work
  • Specially designed map cases
  • Adjustable platform for commander
  • Rotating cupola for all round defense
  • External/internal utilities
  • 15 ft collapsible tent extended rearwards or side wards for additional room
  • 5 KVA generator
  • 1 ton window type air conditioner
  • Hustle Basket for personnel luggage


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