Al-Qaswa Logistic Vehicle

APC M113P is a proven vehicle whose derivatives can be as useful as the vehicle itself. Logistic vehicle with a stretched hull is one such derivative which would significantly enhance logistic compatibility with operational echelons. The logistic vehicle designed and manufactured at HIT is characterized by unique features. It is light weight with armour protection for crew and resembles a flat bed truck in both appearance and application. It uses the M113P power plant, track and suspension to ensure commonality. The Logistic Vehicle can be used for carrying of POL, rations, ammunition and supplies across all types of cross-country terrain. The cargo compartment which can carry a load of 6 tons can be protected with a tarpaulin cover. The vehicle platform can also be used for other adaptations such as weapon station, missile launcher, radar, TCV, ambulance, maintenance vehicle etc.     

Combat weight 14.5 tons (32694 lb)
Payload 6 tons (13485 lb)
Length 220 inch
Width 100 inch
Crew 2 (1x driver, 1x commander)
No of wheels 6 pairs each side
Engine Detroit Diesel 6V53T
Horse Power 265 HP @ 2800 r.p.m
Transmission Allison TX 100-1A
Type Automatic, 3F, 1R


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