Anza Mk-I and Mk-II


In 1989, at the Pakistan Day Joint Services parade in Rawalpindi the Pakistan Army displayed a number of locally modified, locally produced M113 APCs fitted with an air defence missile launcher/gun system on the rear decking.
The system combined the Anza (Lance) four-round hybrid launcher module with a twin 14.5 mm Type 75-1 heavy machine gun module. The gunner is seated within the confines of the APC to operate the system. Power operation is provided for both elevation and traverse of the combined mounting.
The vehicles at the parade were fitted with launcher tubes for the Anza Mk I passive infrared homing missile although the hybrid Anza module can also be used to mount the later Anza Mk II missile system. Locally built armoured cross-country chassis have also been produced with Anza four-round and Bofors single-round launcher systems.


Full details of the Anza Mk I and Mk II missiles are given in the Man-portable surface-to-air missile systems section earlier in this book.

Status : Production as required. In service with the Pakistan Army (four-round M113 APC and locally built armoured cross-country chassis version).

Anza Mk III self-propelled low-altitude surface-to-air missile system


The Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories are believed to be developing the Anza Mk III missile system. This is reported to be a missile in the class of the Russian Strela (SA-9 `Gaskin'/SA-13 `Gopher') type system and may well incorporate transferred technology from friendly nations. No other details are available at present other than it will be a self-propelled system.

Status : Development.

COMPANY NAME : Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories