ATCOP LTS 1 Laser Threat Warner


The LTS 1 laser threat warner is being produced in volume by Al Technique Corporation Ltd (ATCOP) for installation on various MBTs of the Pakistan Army as well as strategic installations which could be attacked by laser guided munitions such as key bridges, vital installations and even aircraft shelters.


The LTS 1 laser threat warner consists of two key elements, the mast-mounted sensor and the operator's control box complete with 360░ display.
According to ATCOP, the LTS 1 laser threat warner can detect not only laser rangefinders but also laser target designators. It responds to all current laser sources in the field environment and if required can also be coupled with acoustic alarms as well as smoke generators and other countermeasure systems. The LTS 1 laser threat warner can detect laser devices operating in the 0.8 to 1.06 Ám waveband and has a 360░ field of view azimuth (resolution of 15░) with a field of view in elevation of -15 to +90░. Operating voltage is 12 V or 24 V DC nominal with power comsumption being 8 W nominal.
The sensor head is 165 mm in diameter and 35 mm high while the control box is 80 x 130 x 55 mm in size.

STATUS : Production. In service with the Pakistan Army. As of early 1997, no known export sales of this system had been made.