Baktar Shikan ATGM

Description :

The Baktar Shikan anti-tank missile weapon system is visually identical to the Chinese NORINCO Red Arrow 8 guided weapon system and is assumed to be the same weapon system produced in Pakistan under licence. Information from Pakistan sources is provided here as it provides extra detail. The Baktar Shikan is described as a second-generation anti-tank missile weapon system which combines optical aiming, infrared tracking and automatically generated, remotely controlled and wire-transmitted guidance signals. The system can be disassembled into four sub-units, the heaviest of which weighs 25 kg making the system man-portable. The four units are the missile in its sealed container, an infrared goniometer, the guidance unit and the tripod assembly, the latter being adjustable for three firing heights. A night sight can also be fitted.

As with the Red Arrow 8, the Baktar Shikan operates on the SACLOS principle. The firer aims at a target using the x12 magnification sight on the 6 field of view goniometer and presses the firing trigger. The firer then keeps the sight graticule on the target and the guidance system automatically guides the missile to fly along the line of sight until it strikes the target. Once on target the missile's 120 mm diameter warhead has demonstrated static penetrations of more than 800 mm. Dynamic tests have provided a typical 180 mm of rolled homogenous armour set at 68. Hit probability is stated to be 90 per cent with penetration probability also 90 per cent. The maximum range of the wire-guided missile is 3,000 m. Missile warhead diameter is 120 mm, missile length 875 mm and wingspan of the fins, which unfold after launch, is 320 mm. Missile weight is 11.2 kg once fired, or 25 kg together with its sealed container. Two or three missiles can be fired in a minute. A device to rapidly first line test the launching and guidance system in forward areas is available. It is man-portable, carried in a canvas satchel. More involved second line test equipment can be carried in a vehicle. An indoor simulator is available for firer training.


Operation: SACLOS, wire guided
Warhead diameter: 120 mm
Weight: ready to fire, 84.5 kg
Weight of missile: ready to fire, 25 kg; missile only, 11.2 kg
Weight of goniometer: 12.5 kg
Weight of guidance unit: 24 kg
Weight of tripod: 23 kg
Length of missile: 875 mm
Missile wingspan: 320 mm
Missile velocity: average, 220 m/s
Tripod elevation: -7 to +13
Tripod traverse: 360
Range: max, 3,000 m
Rate of fire: 2-3 rds/min
Armour penetration: static, >800 mm
Operational temperature range: -40 to +50C

COMPANY NAME : Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories

Status : In production.

Service : Pakistan armed forces.

Baktar Shikan anti-tank missile weapon system