KRL 122 mm (30-round) MRLS


The Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories multiple rocket launcher assembly has two groups of 122.4 mm calibre, 3.1 m long stainless steel rocket tubes arranged in three lines of five and mounted on a cradle. The assembly can either be vehicle mounted (for example, on an M35 series (6 x 6) truck as used by the Pakistan Army) or trailer mounted for towing.

The firing mechanism is an electric type which can either be operated from a fire-control box provided in the vehicle's cabin or from a sheltered position at a distance of some 50 to 60 m from the launcher using a remote-control device connected to the launcher by cable. The rockets can be launched singularly or in salvo. Traverse of the assembly is 180 with elevation limits being 0 to 55. The latter can be either electrically or manually controlled. The rockets are of the standard 122 mm Grad fin-stabilised type and are produced by the Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Maximum range of the system is 20,380 metres.

Status :

Production. In service with the Pakistani Army.

COMPANY NAME : Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories

Pakistani Army 122 mm (30-round) Dr A Q Khan Research Laboratories
MRS mounted on an M35 series (6 x 6) truk