M40A1 - 106 mm Recoilless Gun

Description :

This is a locally manufactured version of the standard US design. The entire system consists of the Gun M40A1, Mount M79, Spotting Rifle M8C, Elbow Telescope M92F, Telescope Mount M90 and Instrument Light M42. The Spotting Rifle is bought in from SANTA BARBARA of Spain and the sight assembly is manufactured in Pakistan by Mogul Industries. The gun may be mounted on and fired from a light vehicle or it can be easily dismounted and brought into action on its own carriage. 106 mm HEAT ammunition for this gun, to the American M344A1 standard, is produced in Pakistan by Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) at Wah Cantt.


Calibre: 105 mm
Weight: gun, 115 kg; M79 mount, 82 kg
Max range: direct fire, 2,012 m; indirect fire, 7,680 m
Muzzle velocity: 507 m/s

COMPANY NAME : Pakistan Machine Tool Factory Limited

Status : In production.

Service : Pakistan armed forces.

106 mm recoilless gun in use by Pakistan forces