Medium-sized multipurpose military utility helicopter.


The Agusta-Bell Model 205 is a multipurpose utility helicopter, corresponding to the UH-1D/UH-1H versions adopted by the US armed forces. It can be used to transport passengers, equipment and troops, or for casualty evacuation, tactical support, rescue or other missions. Various special installations such as litters, floats, snow skids, armament or a rescue hoist can be fitted according to role. The cabin will accommodate a pilot and 14 passengers, and has a clear volume of 6.2 m{3} (220 cu ft) when stripped for cargo carrying. The AB 205 is fitted with IFR and night flying instruments and for normal operation only one pilot is carried.Several hundred AB 205s have been built, the production version a Lycoming T53-L-13 turboshaft engine, developing a maximum of 1,400 hp for take-off.


AB 205: Initial production version. AB 205A: Developed in 1969 certificated for commercial and passenger transport duties.


Versions of the AB 205 are in service with the armed forces of: Greece (54); Iran (25); Italy (88); Morocco (38); Oman (21); Pakistan (5); Saudi Arabia (12); Singapore (8); Tanzania (4); Tunisia (15); UAE/Dubai (6) and Zambia (13).


AB 205 can accommodate 14 passengers.

POWER PLANT: AB 205 has Lycoming T53-L-13 turboshaft engine. The AB 205A has a Lycoming T53-L-13A turboshaft engine.

HEIGHT (m) : 4.48
MAX T-O WEIGHT (kg) : 4310
MAX LEVEL SPEED (knots) : 120
MAX RANGE (nm) : 312
MAX RATE CLIMB (m/min) : 548