Corporal Sher Mohammad

During the War, Corporal Sher Mohammad was manning a Light Ack. Ack. gun at P.A.F. Station, Sargodha. On 6th September, 1965, while Indian aircraft were strafing and rocketing the base, Corporal Sher Mohammad courageously performed his duty by keeping up an accurate fire against the invaders and damaged one enemy aircraft. This was the first engagement of P.A.F. guns against the enemy and determined fire by Corporal Sher Mohammad greatly enhanced the morale and fighting spirit of the P.A.F. gun-crew.

Master Aircrew Mohammad Ashfaq

Master Aircrew Mohammad Ashfaq while performing the duties of an aircrew during the War, undertook the maximum number of missions against the enemy. In addition to flying several missions, he personally supervised the ground handling of the a/c which involved a great deal of time and effort. He most conscientiously devoted himself to the work assigned to him with utmost enthusiasm without any regard for personal comfort or the dangers involved. In spite of long hours of work on the ground as well as in the air, his cheerfulness and willing co-operations was commendable.

Aircrew 1 Mohammad Hafeez

During the War, Aircrew 1 Mohammad Hafeez undertook a large number of missions against the enemy. As an aircrew, he displayed great keenness and extreme dedication to his duties with least regard for his personal comfort or the hazardous nature of these operations. In addition to flying operations, he personally supervised the loading of aircraft before undertaking the missions. In spite of long hours of work on the ground and in the air, he remained cheerful and showed remarkable co-operation at all times.

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