Flight Lieutenant Khawaja A Ahmad

Flight Lientenant Khawaja Altaf Ahmed as Flight Commander of the photo Recee Squadron flew 10 operational Photo missions covering vital enemy targets with determination and cool courage. He pressed home his missions with success even when exposed to serious danger from enemy aircraft of better performance.Subsequently too he has flown courageously over the battle zone on several hazardous sorties, For his courage and devition to duty he recommended for the award of Tamgha-i-Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant Muhammad Ahmed Khan

During the period of operations against India, Flt.Lt. Muhammad Ahmed Khan flew 47 sorties evacuating casualties from the forward areas and airlifting arms and ammunition for the troops in the front line. By doing so, Flt. Lt. Muhammad Ahmed Khan displayed a keen sense of duty and considerable enthusiasm in making his contribution to the war effort. He was, therefore, awarded Sitara-i-Basalat. During the war, he displayed outstanding qualities of courage and keenness to undertake the most arduous missions from the very onset of operations. This was a source of inspiration to others since he was one of the youngest crew members in the bomber organization. On the first day of the operations, when only experienced aircrew were being selected for the first strikes, Zulfiqar insisted on being included. He was eventually detailed for a mission to Jodhpur which was very successful. For his determination, courage and tenacity, he was awarded the Sitara-i-Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant M. Arif Iqbal

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Arif Iqbal has been the Flight Commander in No.9 Squadron since 14th June, 1962. He has shown great keenness in all spheres of Squadron training .During the National Emergency of September, 1965 Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Arif Iqbal displayed a tenacity of mind and spirit that was an inspiration tomthe other pilots of the Squadrons. He worked hours that shoud have normally exhausted him, but his cheerful spirit and loyalty turned him into a pillar of strenght. He was ever willing to fly and did so whemever he was requird to do so, therefore he recommended for the award of Tamgha-i-Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant M. Afzal Chaudhry

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Afzal Choudhary has performed his duties extremely well during the period of Indo-Pakistan war .He always worked willingly and cheerfully even beyond the call of his duties. He flew all types of mission with great enthusiasm and helped keeping the morale of his subordinates high. Therefore he recommended for the award of Tamgh-i-i Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Akbar

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Akbar was responsible for programming of pilots for various duties. He was under extreme pressure of work but was able to exercise complete control over the Squadron and attached pilots and ensured adequate rest for everybody. In addition, he flew as much as was possible and completed every mission in highly professional manner. His personal conduct was a true reflection of his determined efforts. He flew 13 strike and 10 air defense missions. During the strike missions he was credited with two aircraft destroyed, one aircraft damaged on the ground, two tanks destroyed and 3 damaged; 5 vehicles destroyed and 3 damaged and 4 guns damaged. Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Akbar was, therefore, awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Saleem

Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Saleem flew about 15 ground attack missions against the Indian Army and 18 Air Defence sorties. He led a number of missions in an able manner and was responsible for the destruction of many enemy guns, tanks and other valuable military equipment in the face of heavy enemy ground fire. His altertness, courage and aircraft-handling were of a high order and his presence in the formation was a source of inspiration to others. For his devotion to duty, courage and valuable services to the country and Air Force, Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Saleem was awarded Sitara-i-Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant M. Tariq Habib Khan

Flight Lieutenant M.Tariq Habib Khan was one of the pilots who struck the enemy airfield at KalaiKunda in the first strike mission against the enemy from East Pakistan. He flew three operational sorties and many other Air Defence missions and carried out these missions most courageously with success against heavy odds at great risk and in complete disregard for his personal safety. In one of these sorties , he engaged 4 Indian Air Force Hunters thus diverting their attention from other Pakistan Air Force aircraft who were attacking the enemy airfield. Later, he himself managed to evade the Indian Force aircraft and returned to base safely in a crippled aircraft. During all these operations, he destroyed three Canberras and one C-119 on the ground and one Hunter in the air. Flight Lieutenant Tariq carried out all his missions with determination, courage and at great personal risk. For his act of bravery and devotion to duty, Flight Lieutenant Mohammad Tariq Habib Khan was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed Khan

Flight Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed Khan took an active part in the air operation during the war with India. These operations involved flying over hazardous terrain in adverse weather condition by night as well as flying at extremely low levels. Such operations called for outstanding flying ability and great courage. He carried out these missions with great skill and determination, and his achievements are a tribute to his ability. Flight Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed Khan was, therefore was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Chaudhry Rizwan Ahmed

Flight Lieutenant Chaudhry Rizwan Ahmed undertook a total of seven operational missions in enemy territory. Apart from his exceptional professional skill as a navigator, he was associated with the planning of all missions undertaken by the Squadron. By his objective thinking and sound ideas on the use of airborne radar equipment, a very high degree of accuracy in aerial delivery missions under blind flying conditions was achieved. In addition to this contribution, he was always available for strenuous flying duties even after long tiring hours of planning, and consistently displayed a great deal of zeal and stamina. His achievements made him stand out as a navigator who combines professional skill with a rare sense of objectivity. Flight Lieutenant Ch. Rizwan Ahmed was, therefore, awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Syed Mohammad Ahmed

Flight Lieutenant Syed Mohammad Ahmed flew a total of 19 ground support operational missions from 6 to 19 September, 1965. On 19 Sep. 65, his aircraft was very badly damaged by the enemy Ack Ack during a raid against a heavily defended enemy target. The pilot displayed extreme coolness, presence of mind and determination and managed to bring the crippled aircraft back to base. His controls unfortunately jammed on the final approach and he was seriously injured. During the entire period of the War, the officer volunteered to fly every operational sortie that was available. His enthusiasm and keenness was a source of inspiration to the officers around him and, considering the fact that he was not employed on full flying duties before the start of the hostilities, his performance throughout had been outstanding and highly commendable. His aggressive manner of attacking enemy targets was most inspiring and contributed significantly towards the destruction of each target that was assigned to his formation. For his outstanding devotion to duty and courage, Flight Lieutenant Syed Mohammad Ahmed was awarded Sitara-i-Basalat.


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