Squadron Leader Javed Afzal Ahmed

On 4th December, 1971 while flying on an air defence mission, Squadron Leader Javed Afzal Ahmed intercepted a formation of four Hunters approaching Dhaka airfield. During the combat he shot down two Hunters and chased away the others, thus preventing them from attacking any target. In the same mission, he engaged a formation of two SU-7 aircraft's which were attacking a Pakistan Army helicopter and chased them away. Throughout the war he fought valiantly. For his courage and excellent performance in the face of heavy odds, Squadron Leader Afzal has been awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Squadron Leader Maqsood Ahmed

Squadron Leader M. R. Akhtar

Squadron Leader Nazir Ahmed Khan

Squadron Leader Nazir Ahmed Khan, S.J., has consistently displayed outstanding courage, determination and devotion to duty both during peace and war. Squadron Leader Nazir was among the first crews to participate in the operations in East Pakistan. This involved flying long and tiring hours in adverse weather and hostile environment. He displayed the highest degree of devotion , courage and determination and flew extensively to deploy Army elements for recapture of rebel-held areas . Determined to carry out the task, he flew without any regard for personal comfort. While operating from Jessore his aircraft was hit by ground fire from the rebels surrounding the air field. Undeterred by the prevailing danger he flew on similar missions for re-capture and support of Lalmunir Hat, Ishurdi and other places. His fortitude and courage proved a great source of inspiration to others. During the December war he displayed exceptional courage, determination and devotion to duty. Squadron Leader Nazir Ahmed Khan has been awarded Sitara-i-Basalat.

Flight Lieutenant Abdul Karim Bhatti

On 7th December, 1971, Flight Lieutenant Abdul Karim Bhatti sighted two Hunters during a close support mission. On leader's instructions he engaged one of the Hunters, pursued it for about 15 miles over enemy territory and finally shot it down. In the process he lost contact with his leader. Flight Lieutenant Bhatti, alone and without any cover, pursued the attack, disregarding his personal safety and achieved a kill. For his devotion to duty and courageous performance, he has been awarded Tamgha-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Abdul Wajid Saleem

Flight Lieutenant Abdul Wajid Saleem was the navigator of an aircraft detailed on a mission against an P.A.F. base on the night of 6/7th December, 1971. He planned the mission with great care. During the flight, Flight Lieutenant Abdul Wajid displayed a high degree of professionalism and courage which were a source of inspiration to all other crew members. As the aircraft approached the target it encountered heavy anti-aircraft fire. His accurate tactical navigation ensured a successful mission against heavy odds. In recognition of his devotion to duty and courage, Flight Lieutenant Abdul Wajid Saleem has been awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Israr Ahmed

On 4th December, 1971, Flight Lieutenant Israr Ahmad was detailed to fly a mission over the Chamb-Akhnur sector. While over the battle area, his aircraft was hit by enemy ground fire and the pilot was seriously injured. In spite of his injuries, the pilot climbed to height, flew the aircraft and landed at a base during an air raid warning. When he was removed from the cockpit it was found that his right upper arm bone was shattered and he was suffering from serious loss of blood. Flight Lieutenant Israr showed tremendous courage and determination in flying the aircraft back and landing at his base with his left arm in spite of his injuries. In doing this, he displayed sterling qualities of devotion to duty and courage and determination. In recognition of his performance, he has been awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Javed Ahmed

Mir Abdul Rashid

Flight lieutenant Javed Ahmed flew a total of 12 operational missions during the war. He conducted all the missions with courage, skill and in complete disregard of his personal safety.

On 4th December, 1971 Flight Lieutenant Javed was detailed to fly as No.2 on an air defence mission. As he was scrambled for take-off, the airfield was subjected to a surprise attack by two enemy Hunter aircraft. Flight Lieutenant Javed was about to take off when the enemy aircraft spotted the aircraft on the runway and commenced a straffing attack forcing the leader to abort. With total disregard to his personal safety this pilot continued his take-off with the enemy bullets landing just to the left of his aircraft. After successfully getting airborne, Flight Lieutenant Javed intercepted the raiders and shot down one of the Hunters.

In continuing his take-off in the face of grave danger to his life and subsequently shooting down the enemy aircraft Flight Lieutenant Javed has lived upto the true traditions of the P.A.F. For his display of the highest standard of initiatives, courage and professional skill beyond the call of duty, Flight Lieutenant Javed Ahmed has been awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Flight Liuetenant Javed Latif

During the war, Flight Lieutenant Javed Latif flew twenty operational missions in Air Defence role and displayed professional excellence, cool courage and aggressive spirit of a very high order. Throughout the war, he remained undeterred by hazards posed to his personal safety and undertook tasks assigned to him even though their execution was fraught with many risks. On 4th December, 1971 at 0920 hours he was ordered to scramble for combat air patrol. When he was still in the process of starting up his aircraft, the airfield was attacked by two enemy SU-7s. His aircraft pen received a direct rocket hit but luckily no damage was caused to his aircraft. Under the circumstances he was fully justified to abandon his aircraft and take cover but he decided to continue his mission and successfully destroyed one enemy SU-7 aircraft which attacked the airfield ten minutes later. For his professional excellence, cool courage and a high degree of aggressive spirit when in contact with the enemy, Flight Lieutenant Javed Latif has been awarded Tamgha-i-Juraat.

Flight Lieutenant Maqsood Amir

Flight Lieutenant Maqsood Amir was detailed to carry out a close support mission in an F-86 aircraft on 17th December, 1971. During the mission his formation was engaged by four MIG-21s. Although the F-86 was in a vulnerable position, Flight Lieutenant Maqsood took aggressive evasive action and swiftly maneuvered to gain offensive on the enemy. In the ensuing combat, he handled his aircraft against a much superior adversary in a professional and skilful manner and shot down one of the MIG-21s. The sequence of shooting recorded by his aircraft camera film reflects a very high professional standard. For his courage and high professional skill, he has been awarded Tamgha-i-Juraat.

Flight Leiutenant Mir Alam Khan

Flight Lieutenant Mir Alam Khan was detailed on a mission against an I.A.F. base on 6th December, 1971. At the time of his take-off, the airfield came under enemy raid. Undaunted by the danger, he took off during the raid and proceeded on his mission. Despite heavy anti-aircraft fire he successfully completed his mission. During this mission, his aircraft also received a hit from anti-aircraft fire. However, he successfully exited leaving behind his target in flames. The fire was also seen by another friendly aircraft flying thirty miles away. Flight Lieutenant Mir Alam Khan's action in the execution of his mission bears testimony to his undaunted courage and devotion to duty in keeping with the highest traditions of the service. He has been awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.


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